Joerg-Peter Schroeders Frequency Change approach offers solutions that help foster authentic personality development and corporate health in a society faced with a shift in social consciousness. Solutions are based on extending one’s perception of reality with new and additional perspectives.
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Resilienz - Resilience
Unternehmensgesundheit - Corporate Health
We have almost reached the end of the ‘faster-higher-further’ spiral: many of us are physically and mentally drained and this affects our daily, hectic routines. However, advancement and the ability to successfully meet changing demands are not possible by clinging to old habits. We must embrace new possibilities.
‘If you don’t go with the times, in time you’ll have to go’. This is why “Frequenzwechsel” – which means “frequency Change” -  addresses how to cope with change. Our philosophy is effectiveness through creativity instead of dictated efficiency. We will help you to shape processes and to communicate in a new and healthier way.
The aim is to focus on the essential dimensions of corporate health and value-based self-development.
Energy Management and Health Promotion are key elements of this, representing a shift away from individual wished and abilities to process-oriented, pro-active execution and authenticity.
Concentration on core tasks and intuitive creativity are the main building blocks. Personal and corporate success depends on a combination of individual empowerment with value-based personnel development and community-building, both within the company and society.
Resilienz - Resilience
‘Scheitern als Chance’  -  Turning Failures into Opportunities
Resilience – or psychological strength – is a prerequisite to deal with difficulties and achieve personal success. It enables us to cope with problems and come out even stronger.
The art of successfully dealing with failure of any kind depends on viewing obstacles and setbacks in a different way – not getting frustrated by problems or falling into despair. Let’s assume, you have had a setback. What is positive about it? What does it really signify? What can you learn from it?
Instead of being annoyed that a project didn’t work out and continuing with business as usual, you could ask yourself how you can turn a setback into an opportunity. It is not about avoiding making mistakes but rather learning from them. In other words: changing a negative into a positive. Every failure holds the key to the next success.
Coping effectively with failure is something you can learn. The ability to steer through a crisis is not a switch you can turn on or off, but a process of personal development. The seed for this ability is sown in childhood and can be further developed in adulthood.
It is a strategy to cope with life’s setbacks, but, more importantly, it is also about the willingness to confront and accept any situation. There are many factors that contribute to the mindset of someone who wants to overcome a problem and has the conviction to succeed. The belief in oneself, and a healthy optimism, are crucial to finding one’s inner equilibrium.
In his book ‘Turning Failures into Opportunities’ Dr. Schroeder gives insights into how to make a success out of a setback.
In many television and radio interviews and lectures at home and abroad, Dr. Schroeder was able to give practical assistance to a large audience on burnout.
In his books ‘Ways out of the Burnout’ and ‘Stress-Management’ (both published in 2006, Cornelsen Verlag),  Dr. Schroeder has compiled valuable experiences on coaching executives suffering from burnout. Both books contain numerous practical tips on stress-management and on dealing with exhaustion-depression.
In his new book ‘The Anti-Burnout-Guide’ (Cornelsen Verlag), first published in the fall of 2010, he has further refined  the coping skills necessary in dealing with burnout. Dr. Schroeder used many real-life cases as an example.
Do you suffer from too much stress and are therefore in danger of burnout?
Our online-stress-test can help you assess your stress level. The test is completely anonymous and free of charge.
Unternehmensgesundheit - Corporate Health
You know about the evaluation of corporate reference numbers? Then Balanced Scorecards, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Economic Value Added (EVA) are very familiar to you.
But how do you measure the health of your corporation? What kind of impact do inner readiness and the interaction of high performance teams have on your balance sheet?
Peak performance is measurable! We assist you in developing high performance teams, where all players are proactive, working together responsibly and meaningfully and are jointly creative.
Soft facts are also measurable! To recognize and acknowledge performance, as well as creating a trusting work environment are important indicators of a company’s leadership philosophy and management style – thus having a direct influence on your annual balance.
Dr. Joerg-Peter Schroeder supports and guides entrepreneurs, CEO’s, managing directors and selected executives in the continuous development of their leadership skills.  Improving managerial abilities is not the primary focus.
The core of leadership is: individual support in all areas of self-development, strengthening one’s strong points and reflecting on the blind spots of an individual’s personality as well as of the entire team’s.
The aim is to significantly improve one’s value within a company. This can be achieved through development of personality- and performance congruency.